Sunday, May 3, 2009

The first dry fit

When I'd cut the crossmember and refitted it the problem of the cutting out the chassis became to great and to have the motor mounted underneath the shelf and the shaft directly coupling onto the gearbox input shaft would involve removing the front end and completely remaking it on the drivers side to accomadate the end of the motor. Seen here is the latest idea of mounting the motor overhead. It's just resting there so I could take clearance measurements to the bonnet Etc. Couple of obvious advantages to this arrangement is the ease of ducting the heated air around the motor into the cabin and the possibility of fitting some sort of generator under the shelf for on road charging of the 12Volt control battery (DC1) Disadvantages, the loss of power through using either belts or chain. Bit more work before this gets on the road!!!

Here it is on the first dry fit. (Left click on the image to expand it and then use the "back" button to return) This is the bracket tacked together and temporarily fitted to the gearbox/bellhousing. The dry fit showed the problems with the crossmember and chassis underneath. The cross member was marked up removed and cut out to fit the motor in. The intention was to mount the motor upside down with the shaft going through the hole in the adaptor plate mounted against the bell housing.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

A quick summary of the last seven months

* The engineer saw the vehicle and took some details from me, called back the next day with a few more questions and agreed it was a viable project, a little underpowered but, it'll be a goer! ( Not quite in the Tesla sports car league but then the budget is lower on this one )
* The approval came through almost exactly on the 30 days as promised from D.P.I.
* The petrol engine and associated parts came out leaving the little gearbox and the petrol tank to come out. ( will publish the weights chart and pictures later on )
* More measurements and planning took place over some weeks and the project stalled because of extreme heat in the workshop and me finding with the petrol motor finally out, it was going to be a very very tight squeeze to get the electric motor fitted in with the gearbox without some body modifications or fitting the electric motor above the gearbox and coupling with chain or V_Belts!
* While working on mounting arrangements for the motor position. I realised the fan cowling on the end of the ASEA motor was in fact going to give me the extra room if I took it off.
* Off came the cowling ( 4 small M6 screws ) and I have 7-10mm clearance to the chassis.This is OK as long as you dont run along side the vehicle with the bonnet up and put your fingers in there it'll be OK.
* Out came the gearbox, bellhousing & differential shown here alonside the ASEA motor. You'll notice the centre from the clutch plate has been taken out and is sitting on the gearbox input shaft and the pulley from the motor is at the bottom of the photo

* Measurements and more measurements, 5mm steel plate was hastily ordered and the centre spline removed from the clutch plate for mating up to the V-Belt pulley off the ASEA motor. This is the idea as a picture,

Found it!!!

Was a bit worried there for a while, I'd put the password in such a safe place.

Well things have been happening slowly for various reasons and for months but, lets talk Emove -

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Application the the D.P.I. technical section and Gear ratios

Tuesday the 2nd Sept. and the application was handed over the counter at Welshpool for a preliminary approval to go ahead with the electrification, if I can put it like that !

The search for a technical or workshop manual for the L601 model (1997) has proven fruitless. I have tried countless bookshops, Dealerships, and many many websites
In the end I've had to settle for borrowing the ratio's from a later model with the 998cc motor, we're using these to calculate power input to accelerate and maintain a speed under different road conditions. (see earlier post for other estimates)

Transmission ratios;
1st: 3.181,
2nd: 1.842,
3rd: 1.250,
4th: 0.916,
5th: 0.750,
Reverse: 3.142

Final drive ratio 4.260

Monday, August 25, 2008

At last a concept drawing

This is drawing concept number three and I believe I'm closing in on how the first build will be.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Finally calculations are showing results

With these dimensions to calculate the drag coefficient and loads of help from "anonymous" in Melbourne add the following tests results;

0-60km/h 11.05 seconds (using all the gears)
0-60km/h 9.5 seconds (using 2nd & 3rd and heavy acceleration)
840Kg (with driver but otherwise no fuel & empty)
0.4 Cd, drag coefficient (1.608Sq.M frontal area)
18.5 seconds free wheeling from 70 to 50 km/h (level surface & measured in 180Deg opposing directions)

and we calculated to accelerate the car from 0 to 60km/h it will use 1400Watts continuously for a duration of 11 seconds and so by my rough workings thats about 3.4Amps for 11 seconds out of my 13Amp/Hour battery.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The TECO works

No pictures yet but, this evening I've got a temporary setup going to help me work through all the parameters that have to be set on the TECO drive.
I've got 430 VDC from a single phase transformer/rectifier feeding direct into the drive which is giving me enough power to have the drive run a little three phase door operator motor from KONE in Perth. Many thanks to the Mod's department for freeing up this old equipment.

Plans now are to work through the parameter setup and take some voltage and current readings from this so I can work more accurately calculating the battery I'm going to need when all this goes into the Move.
Also I got The drive to spin the ASEA motor with a fan belt between the motors, so I can now confidently say this will work as a generator when I'm decellerating in the car, although it's only giving me 1.2Volts ph to ph at these low speeds.
There's lots more to come . . . . .

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The TECO drive arrives

It's here, the drive arrived soon after I'd paid for it (about 6 days) and there's a link here to Michael Strzelczyk's eBay store site in Melbourne ,
which I found using eBay. He gets top marks from me for all the right reasons with very helpful service, excellent packaging (as you can see I'm still trying to get it out of the box) and delivery time as quick as Aussie Post could get it here.
The drive is a TECO 7200MA 7.5kW and it's shown here with the 6 pole motor.
Still chasing after batteries at this stage with price being the biggest barrier but, thats upfront price. If you spread the cost over the anticipated life of the batteries it looks heaps better.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The real thing

Actually here it is the ASEA / CES motor!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Challis eMove electric motor

Picture here what it may have looked like if it had been new!
Here on yet another day off work I set out to the far ( & wet ) side of Perth to pick up the motor I'll be using. ABB 415V 6 Pole foot mounted alloy body type. I t came from Bill's Machinery in Wangara
and I'd just like to say a big thank you for all those careful people who drove so sensibly and so so so slowly in the rain, the truck drivers yes you know who you are that needlesly pulled out in front of me when there was no traffic behind me! thanks guys for making a 35 minute drive take 60 minutes.

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Challis eMove

This is the start of the project, milestone one. The car I'll be converting ready for the 3 cylinder fuel injected Daihatsu motor to be given a place on eBay, yep when it's out thats where it'll be going along with the management electrics, fuel tank, radiator and exhaust in case you want them. Only 184,000 Kms and regularly serviced by the RAC it seems a shame to take it out as it runs so well. After a few months looking for the right car and even considering driving something home from Sydney or Melbourne, this little beauty turned up in a yard in Vic Park, Parkview Auto's +61 8 94704348 and Rick helped with getting it back to mine.

Thats me and fur face next to the Daihatsu Move. It's a 1997 model with seating for 4, Air Con, 5 Spd manual, takes 400kg in the mini cargo space ( or fur face ) and I've selected this one as it's small, light weight, pre-power steering and so less to contend with when I take it through licensing.